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  • An El Cajon Wedding

    This fall we had the privilage of photographing Anthony and Jen on their sweet wedding day out in the rolling hills of El Cajon at the Sycuan Golf Resort.  Enjoy!


  • San Diego Harbor Wedding

    Rachel and I first were counting down the days till we got to photograph Rebecca and Chris on their wedding day, after a golden hour engagement session amidst a nature perserve.  They are some of the kindest people around with the sweetest love for each other. Enjoy! 

  • A Cliffside Wedding

    Robbie and Caitlin everybody!

    What better way to start your wedding day then meeting up for a first look at your favorite rendevous date spot overlooking the sea and skip along the tracks for some thrills. These two know how to make the magic happen, as you will see.  Having been friends since the college days made this one that much more sweet for Rachel and I. It was like our friends paid us to have fun and take photos of it.... Yup, that's exactly what happened. Enjoy! 

  • Jeremy & Mariah, A Ranch House Wedding

    We photographed Jeremy & Mariah's wedding at the Ranch House at Del Sur, a gorgeous venue for an equally gorgeous couple. It unexpectedly rained that day (surprising for San Diego) but that did not stop the couple, or the wedding guests for that matter, from celebrating, dancing, and toasting to the joyous love of these two. And we could not be more ectatic about the beautiful backdrop of rain drops and the cozy, close-knit reception where one of the groomsmen made us roar with laughter over text messages of Jeremy & Mariah confessing their crushes on each other to him. Too good. Cheers to your marriage!

  • Frank & Tiffany Engagement

    We joined Frank & Tiffany at the Carlsbad Flower Fields this past spring. It was a sweet and simple afternoon full of laughter and ease. Can't wait to see you two on your wedding day!

  • A Steele Canyon Engagement

    A few weeks ago we had the privilege of taking Rebecca and Chris into the gerogous hills of Steele Canyon in East San Diego County to photograph their love.  We can't wait to get them behind the lens again in July for their wedding!

  • A Balboa Park Engagement

    Mariah is definitely the girl who won "best smile" in your high school yearbook. And now she's marrying Jeremy who coaxes those smiles out of her even more. Balboa Park was the perfect backdrop for their joy-filled romance.

  • A Winter San Rafael Wedding

    Jon and Elena met in Uganda many summers ago not knowing they would end up in San Rafael on a crisp winter day saying "I do." We got the pleasure of photographing great friends come together in matrimony. The donuts were good too. Here's to your passionate and persistent love.

  • Jon & Elena Wedding Teaser

    Here is a teaser of our good friends, Jon and Elena, on their wedding day. We can't wait to show you more! Coming soon.


  • Safari

    South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

    I have a rather enormous back log of photos from life, our adventures, and all the things in between.  So why not start with a throw back to this past summer from our safari in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.  It's hard to describe the effect of all that open space, wind in our face, lion chasing, sunrising and sunsetting had on us.  Sublime.  

  • San Diego Historic Ranch Wedding

    We are excited to give you all a peak at Erin and Troy's historic ranch wedding this past summer.  Erin and Troy along with their friends and family created such a sweet celebration of their love with all the right ingredients. See for yourself! 

  • Ranch Wedding Teaser

    Erin & Troy are a delightful couple. Here is a little teaser of their ranch wedding this past summer. 

  • Corey and Catie Teaser

    Before I take off for Malawi for a few weeks tomorrow I just had to share this little teaser with you.  It's just enough to get you to hold your breathe for a little and I promise it will be worth the holding. 

  • A Temecula Wine Country Wedding

    It's kind of getting a little past my bedtime as I post this blog, but I had to crank this puppy out for you to see as soon as images were ready. I won't say too much at this hour because it will increase my likelihood of bad grammer and even worse spelling by at least 100 perecent.  I will say however that Rachel and I had a blast with Ariel, Josh and their community celebrating their marriage on a gorgeous day in the vineyards of Temecula.  Now I will just leave you with the images themselves and let you take it all in.  

  • Wil & Abby - Spring Love in La Jolla

    When we think of Wil and Abby, a few words come to mind - heartfelt, genuine, and Justin Timberlake. Wait... No, that's pretty spot on. (They are avid JT lovers, as we are, and Wil might be his younger brother). We were honored to shoot a close friends wedding, to celebrate their love by creating stills in time to treasure with family and shared friends. There's something about the way Wil and Abby look at each other that captivates us as much as it does them. Wil and Abby, your playful and gentle spirits have touched our hearts and our photographs. Cheers!

  • A Dedication

    Our good friends and neighbors, Kelly and Cameron, dedicated their little guy, Nash, a few months ago with a bunch of other cuties at the Flood Church here in San Diego.  A day full of family, babies, prayer, and laughter, we tried to soak up all the goodness with our camera.  

  • A La Jolla Engagement

    A La Jolla Engagement

    Reconnecting with an old friend is great. It's even better when you get to put them behind the lens with the person they love.  Mark and Aarika are fun loving people so it was naturally a good time making our way around La Jolla spots.  We just had a lot of fun and I think you'll get a glimpse of that here. Enjoy. 

  • Ryan & Natalie

    Ryan and Natalie got married this past February and we had a blast with them! Natalie was a smiling boho queen and Ryan was... Captain America - a match made in heaven. Their ocean-side wedding in La Jolla provided us with absolutely gorgeous light and scenery. Natalie is a sweet soul with a piercing gaze and a firm grip on her love for Ryan. Ryan is a light-hearted, fun-loving guy with some seriously amusing groomsmen. We are positive your life together will be filled with lots of love, wonder, and laughter.